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Billing & Insurance

We are pleased that Northern California Anesthesia Physicians (NCAP) has the opportunity to provide anesthesia for your medical services. To allow our Anesthesiologists more time and focus with our patients, NCAP utilizes an outside anesthesia billing company, abeo, to manage our billing and front office needs.

NCAP is a private anesthesia practice, and therefore, the fees for the anesthesia services provided by our physicians are not included in your hospital or surgery center bill. You will receive a separate bill from NCAP for the Anesthesiologists’ professional services. Any "anesthesia fees" you may receive on a facility bill will represent charges that cover medications, gases, and use of monitoring and disposable equipment. Those fees are not a part of the care and services provided by your NCAP anesthesiologist.

Insurance Claims

NCAP obtains your demographic and insurance information for billing directly to your insurer from the hospital or surgery center facilities, so it is very important that the most current insurance information be presented to the facility at the time of registration.

The anesthesia fee includes preoperative evaluation, administration of the anesthesia and post-operative medical management in the recovery room. Anesthesia time differs from surgical time.

Our billing company’s experienced, dedicated staff will bill your insurance company and work with you to ensure your claim is paid properly.  Look for an explanation of benefits from your insurance company within 60 days of your surgery.  If you have not received a response, you may want to contact your insurance carrier directly to determine the status of your claim. For contracted payers, payment will be sent directly to NCAP.

NCAP participates with many PPO’s, HMOs, Medicare, Medi-Cal, Tri-Care, Worker’s Compensation and commercial carriers. NCAP participates in some Covered California Plans. The list includes:

Please note that this list is not all-inclusive, so if you have any questions on whether we participate, please call our Billing Office or your insurance provider.

Once your procedure is completed, our billing staff will file a claim to your insurance company and secondary insurance, if applicable, on your behalf.  After your insurance company, including your secondary insurance company (if applicable and provided at the time of your service) processes the anesthesia claim there may be a balance remaining which the patient is responsible to pay. This balance may be your co-pay, deductibles or non-covered services specific to your policy or benefits. This amount will need to be paid in full.

You will receive a monthly statement showing the status of your account if you don't have insurance. Any questions on your statement/bill should be directed to the phone number provided on the statement, which is also provided below.

NCAP is committed to assisting you with any financial issues you may have concerning your anesthesia bill. If you cannot afford to pay the account balance either in full or part within 30 days of receiving the bill, or do not understand your financial responsibility, please contact our billing office to discuss available payment options, or to apply for financial assistance.  Please be aware that applying for financial assistance does not guarantee approval.  NCAP reviews and offers payment plans and financial hardship discounts on a case-by-case basis.  Even if you have received a hardship discount or payment arrangement with the facility or surgeon, it is important to note that the Anesthesiologist’s bill is separate from these. You must request any financial consideration for your Anesthesia bill directly with NCAP’s Billing office, as NCAP follows their own policies for determining financial hardship.

NCAP accepts payment by cash, check, money order, Visa, MasterCard and American Express cards.

Non-Covered Producedures

If your procedure is not covered by insurance, you may be eligible for a prepayment discount rate. Your surgeon or facility may ask you to contact our Practice Manager’s office directly to arrange for payment prior to your services at a discounted rate. Please contact our Practice Manager’s Office (phone number listed below) to obtain the prepayment form and rate.  Our prepayment discounted rates may be case rates (set fee based on a particular procedure) or based on an hourly rate. The initial prepayment is due prior to the surgery and may be based on a time estimate provided by your surgeon.

Once your procedure is completed, our office will review your estimated time against the actual anesthesia time. If there is a significant time different in these numbers, you may receive a bill for the costs of the additional anesthesia time calculated at the discounted rate. This balance is due upon receipt of your bill. If you did not arrange for prepayment, you will receive a bill based on our usual and customary (U&C) pricing.

Contact our Billing and Practice Manager's Office

Questions and concerns regarding your statement should be directed to our billing office. Please contact us at (415) 946-4206 to speak to our dedicated staff.  They can also generate an itemized statement or take credit card payments by phone, on established accounts.

The billing address for payments is:

Northern California Anesthesia Physicians
Dept. 33995, P.O. Box 39000
San Francisco, CA 92139-001

Billing office NCAP Patient Phone line: 415-946-4206

For Prepayment Quotes and Payments, Estimates, and Provider Contracting Questions

Please contact our Practice Manager’s Office.  Our Practice Manager and staff may be able to answer your pre-procedure questions, provide general estimates on costs, and offer Prepayment discounts and answers procedures not covered by insurance.

Our Practice Management staff is here to assist you with your anesthesia pre-procedure costs and health plan participation questions. Estimates will not be specific to your policy or benefits, but are based on a particular Health Plan’s estimated "allowable charge" negotiated with NCAP. Please be prepared to provide a procedure code, procedure length of time, and your Health Plan’s name.

Practice management office phone numbers: 858-244-1058 and 858-244-3169

We appreciate your patience during the billing and payment process and thank you for allowing NCAP to care for you during your procedure